Previous servers

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Public 1 (mid 2012)

The GunnShow server was created and opened to the public for the first time with a Minecraft forum post made in July of 2012. It was a custom picked seed that spawned you in a village nearby a Jungle biome. It featured some basic plugins for teleporting, shops, griefing protection, logging, and so on. The owners also used the hell out of WorldEdit

Public 2 (late 2012)

After diving into Bukkit plugins even more, and as a new update came out, an idea developed with the server owners to do a multi world server with a central hub. Unfortunately not much more is remembered than that, as the files for the server seem to have been lost to time.

The servers above weren't our only servers, more will be added to this page soon. For now, the world downloads and more are available on the Public Archive.

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Public 3 (2013)

This was our flagship public server, and the most ambitious of them all. It featured a hub many described as the inside of a ship. At one point, there were even upper levels for shops, making it into a mall of sorts.

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